The Fishing Communities

The fishing villages where your livestock are collected are usually located in some of the most beautiful areas of the world. Pristine waters, lush foliage and equatorial climates.

It is also home to some of the poorest nations of the world. The fishermen in the coastal communities are happy to have jobs, but work incredibly hard to collect the livestock we cherish in our tanks.

Often the fishermen families are forced to make the economic choices of sending their children to high school, or having them work to help support the family.

The Deep Blue Seas Foundation was started to assist the families of the fishermen who collect marine ornamental fish. We have decided that educating the children of the fishermen and providing scholarships through High School is one way to offer assistance. We also want to aid in training fishermen and Rebuilding Coral Reefs..

By our standards, we can make a dollar go a long way where our fish are collected.

In Indonesia, a year of high school education costs about $250 in our currency. While that might not seem like a lot by our standards... it can be a huge sum for a local family.

100% of the contributions go towards helping Coral Reefs and fishermen families. pays all the administrative and overhead costs of the Foundation and is the largest single contributor. We hope you join us.